Thursday, April 15, 2010

Live Binders

I have recently come across a sharing site that I think is pretty neat. It is called Live Binders. On Live Binders you can create separate folders that can store whatever informaion that you want it too. Some people use it to share recipes or how to take care of specific flowers for example. I think this could really be applicable in a classroom. Teachers can upload safe websites that their students can use, classroom information, or they could post learning games to the website. There is a couple of examples of binders used in the classroom on the website, particularly for a math class. It has some good games on it that students may use to practice their math skills. The binder is actually a url so you can send it to anyone and they can open up the information where ever they are. I really like how each binder can be organized with tabs so you can see the other information stored in the binder easily.

The website for Live Binders is:

So check it out!! There is an informational video on how it works on the homepage.

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